Public Engagement

The Town of Snowmass Village invites all members of the community to engage with their local government. Public involvement and engagement are key priorities for the Town and are critical components of the public process. Public participation in government processes is an essential way for the city to convey important information, open avenues of communication with stakeholders, and promote a transparent, equitable form of government.

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Stay Involved!

Social Media

The Town of Snowmass Village engages customers through many digital outlets. Communicating with the Town through social media further enables customers to contact the Town of Snowmass Village in a direct and meaningful way.

The goal of the Town of Snowmass Village social media pages is to be a helpful medium that is conducive to real-time discussions and useful feedback. Some of the Town's social media pages allow public interaction in the form of comments.

Participation in Meetings

Public engagement is a critical component of the civic process. The Town of Snowmass Village values the input it receives from the public during meetings and offers a variety of methods for participation, both in-person and virtually. 

Unable to attend a Town Council meeting, but want to make your voice heard? The Town provides alternative ways for residents to participate in public meetings