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Nov 14

Safety Pays with the TOSV Safety Award

Posted on November 14, 2014 at 9:43 AM by Kelly Vaughn

Maintaining a safe and vibrant community is a job that town staff take very seriously. Not only is safety a key performance measure during annual employee evaluations, it's also instilled in each department's culture (especially the ones that operate heavy machinery).

Each year, the town's safety committee comprised of representatives from Finance and Human Resources, and Public Works rewards employees who have gone above and beyond in safety with the town's "Safety Award." The award provides a fun opportunity for staff to get together, share stories of exemplary employees, and name a winner (who gets a day off).

Help us congratulate this year's nominees and winner!

Nominee: Ed Fuller, Road Maintenance Operator
Ed was nominated for his work striping Brush Creek Rd., Wood Rd., and Owl Creek Rd. to add a bike lane, and enhance cyclist and pedestrian safety.

Nominee: Jen Olson, Custodian
Jen was nominated because of her awareness while working in Town Hall. She uses caution with her equipment, prevents slipping on wet floors, and is always conscientious of staff that she is working with and around.

Nominee: Kevin Omang, Mechanic
Kevin was nominated because he proactively identified a loose tire on a Police vehicle, and fixed it immediately. He saved an officer from a potential accident on the road on a particularly high snow day.

Nominee: Shawn McDermott, Housing Groundskeeper
Shawn was nominated because of his involvement with a concrete repair near the Mountain View Complex. While numerous sidewalks and patios were being repaired (and an entire sidewalk section was removed), Shawn directed tenants around the closed area with traffic cones and constructed a rope handrail to help guide tenants safely down a steep slope to access their apartments.

Nominee: Greg Fitzpatrick, Transportation Facilities Maintenance
Greg was nominated because he was project coordinator for the apron repair project at the Parcel C Garage. When a gas line was severed during construction last summer by a town contractor, Greg acted quickly and handled the leak in a professional, level headed, and safety conscious manner.

Winner: Shawn Leeking, Road Maintenance Operator
Shawn won this year's safety award for his role in mitigating the gas leak at Parcel C. Shawn was requested to assist in transporting equipment to the site. Due to his training and awareness of the potential severity of the situation, he identified a need for protective equipment to be used before operating certain equipment in the area. He handled the situation in a proactive, professional, and helpful manner. Source Gas trained staff were on site to use this equipment to safely isolate the leak, and ultimately fix the issue with no negative impacts.

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