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Nov 07

Top Four Reasons to Apply for the Snowmass Environmental Award

Posted on November 7, 2014 at 11:20 AM by Kelly Vaughn

It's that time of year when the town celebrates local leadership and commitment to environmental stewardship through policies, programs, or actions focused on energy conservation, water quality and/or conservation, and waste reduction and recycling.

The deadline to apply for the second annual Snowmass Village Environmental Award is fast approaching (online applications are due Nov. 14th by 5 p.m.), so if you need a little extra motivation to throw your company's hat into the ring, here are a few reasons why you should apply.

1. Inspire (or Push) your Neighbors

Have you implemented an innovative environmental program? Well a little competition goes a long when inspiring your neighbors to do the same. the City of Chicago for example tapped into their business community's competitive spirit with the Chicago Green Office Challenge. The challenge is designed to help buildings and businesses improve sustainability and energy efficiency in the workplace. Businesses can take recommended actions, earn points, and move up or down on a leader board.

While Snowmass Village has neither large skyscrapers nor a sophisticated program, the Environmental Award is one way you can show your at the leading edge, and nudge other local businesses along as we all work toward the collective goal of preserving Snowmass Village's natural resources and beauty.

2. Send a Message to Customers or Members
A recent Nielsen report on corporate social responsibility shows that more than half of global consumers are willing to pay extra when companies are committed to positive environmental or social impact. The Snowmass Village Environmental Award could be another feather in your cap to show both current and potential customers that you care about your community and the environment.

3. Get Recognized for the Great Work you Do
Countless Snowmass Village businesses or organizations have taken steps or implemented projects to be more environmentally minded. But, the same measures that YOU know are an important part of your business model may not be recognizable to your community. Now's your chance to toot your own horn a bit, and enhance the visibility of a project that you're proud of. 

4. The Award is Pretty Cool....

This is not your average framed certificate to throw up on the wall! Last year's Environmental Award winners (the Westin Snowmass Resort and Eco Steam Wash) received an engraved wood sculpture made entirely of sustainable materials.


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