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Oct 01

Improving Service by Going Digital

Posted on October 1, 2014 at 1:38 PM by Kelly Vaughn

Recent surveys are revealing that more and more citizens prefer to conduct business with their local government online. And, not coincidentally, online transactions are much more efficient and cost effective. Studies have shown that an average offline transaction costs about $17, while providing the same service online costs less than $4.

Since joining the Town of Snowmass Village two years ago, it has been a goal of mine to tap into this trend and help my colleagues provide great service by enhancing our digital capabilities. You may have noticed our (relatively) new website that launched in May, 2012, along with our VERY new transportation website which launched this past spring. The idea is to continually provide more ways for our town and our community to cut out time, save paper, and do business more conveniently.

If you haven't spent time yet toying around with our website, here is a list of a few things you can do online. We promise this list will continue to grow as we add new tools to our digital toolbox. Don't worry if you prefer the face-to-face service you've been accustomed to at Town Hall. We're still here and ready to help.

A few things you can do online....

Pay Bills

Whether it's rent in an employee housing unit, your trash bill, a parking ticket, or building and planning fees, online bill pay is a great option.

Apply for a Job
Our online job center is a one-stop resource for anyone looking or a job with the Town of Snowmass Village, and our digital job application allows you to enter your info, upload a resume, and submit online.

Report a Concern, Comment, or Compliment

Have you noticed a street light is out? Log on to Request Tracker and report it online. You can map its location, even snap a photo. Your comment will be sent to the appropriate staff member to address your issue, and you'll even get a notification when it has been fixed.

Sign up for Fitness Programs, Classes or Camps
The Snowmass Village Recreation Center provides online registration and payment services for all of their fitness and aquatics programs, lessons, and camps.provided at the facility. You can also manage your membership and calendar.

Find Open Bids and RFPs
Our online bid posting system allows you to browse through all open and closed bids and RFPs that have been sent out by the Town. You can also sign up for automatic notifications when bids are posted in your chosen category.

Find Public Records
Our Public Records Portal provides public documents and records dating back to the 1970's, reducing the need for paperwork and formal records requests. Consider it your full online government library.

Apply for a Board or Commission
Interested in joining a board or commission? Just fill out an online form if you're interested in putting your skills to good use to serve your community.

Find a Bus Route or Schedule
Thanks to our new transportation website snowmasstransit.com, it's much easier to plan your trip around town using the free Village Shuttle. New signage at all shuttle stops feature a QR code that you can scan with a smart phone and receive user friendly routes and schedules based on your location.

Share Ideas on How to Make Your Community a Better Place
Community Voice is our online discussion forum. Add ideas or propose projects that you feel will improve your community, browse other ideas, and vote for your favorites.

Help us Help You
Are there services you'd like to see offered online that we currently don't offer? Add your ideas in the comments below.


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