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Sep 18

Ask Your Neighbor: Weatherizing Saves

Posted on September 18, 2014 at 11:53 AM by Kelly Vaughn

A religious listener of NPR's Morning Edition, a caught a story during my morning commute on the power of neighbors to influence others to make valuable energy efficiency upgrades to their homes (listen for yourself here). While this story was based on an organization operating out of a small community in Vermont, I felt that it could have been recorded in our own backyard.

On the heels of The Community Office for Resource Efficiency (or CORE's) announcement that home energy audits in Snowmass Village are half price thanks to the generous support of local philanthropist Richard Goodwin, the town's Environmental Advisory Board has been brainstorming creative ways to encourage members of the community to take advantage of the financial incentive, conduct a home energy audit, and take some cost-effective measures to save money and energy in their homes.

The NPR piece showcased an outreach program based on face-to-face contact and education. Volunteers and staff for example attend Vermont community farmers markets to sign people up  to weatherize their homes. According to the story, "staff outreach has been vital getting the word out, but passionate volunteers have done even more."

Sound familiar? CORE fills a very similar niche in the Roaring Fork Valley, and can be seen regularly at community events and gatherings like farmers markets and "Green Drinks." They tap into the power of their clients and partners through testimonials and success stories.

Specifically in Snowmass Village, electricity and natural gas use by private and multi-family residences accounts for a large share of carbon dioxide emissions. Fortunately, there are plenty of community members who have done their part to reduce their impact, saved thousands weatherizing their homes, and can now encourage their friends and neighbors to do the same in creative ways.

Home energy audit parties or tours are great ways to share your success. Or, by simply talking about the measures you've taken at your own home and the advantages of the time and money spent (better comfort, lower energy bills, and safer mechanical systems to name a few) who knows - your great experience could be what finally motivates your next door neighbor to take advantage of our great local programs.

Learn more about home energy audits and schedule yours today! Have a great idea to encourage your community to take advantage of this program? Enter your thoughts in the comments below.


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