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Sep 18

Second Entryway Meeting Sparks Creative Discussion and Design

Posted on September 18, 2014 at 10:07 AM by Kelly Vaughn

On September 11th, two dozen community members joined around breakout tables covered in maps, markers, trace paper, and sticky notes for the second Snowmass Entryway planning meeting. The group met to build off ideas posed at the first community meeting, refine a vision statement for the site, and discuss facilities and activities that the entryway should accommodate.

After a brief introduction from Community Development Director Julie Ann Woods, the group voted on their favorite option out of three vision statements drafted based on input from the August meeting. While no clear winner emerged a combination of two options (which both alluded to the welcoming, beautiful, and multi-purpose nature of the site) will likely serve as the foundation of the remainder of the project planning. Stay tuned!

The meeting continued with presentations from community members who have had plans and ideas--on paper or just in concept--developed for the site. A few specific ideas presented include:
  • A new home for the Snowmass Wildcat Fire Protection District (possibly combined with a welcome center)
  • A 28' tall multi-purpose rodeo and ice arena enclosed on four sides with a cantilevered roof to protect event participants from the elements.
  • Schematic concepts for increased parking, fields, arenas, and a combination of both--all with a new welcome center off of the Highline/Brush Creek roundabout
  • A Woodward-style athletic training center with a glass facade to showcase athletes practicing flips, jumps, and other stunts. It also included smaller playing fields that could be used for soccer and lacrosse
  • A xeriscape garden area developed in partnership with the Snowmass Water and Sanitation District to showcase drought-tolerant plants and landscaping

Armed with photos and concepts for inspiration, participants broke out into discussion groups to review the "big" uses that could work at the Snowmass entryway, focusing on areas or facilities that could be flexible across activities and seasons. Four tables used trace paper over large maps of the site to draw out ideas, lay out facilities, and discuss the spatial constraints presented by existing facilities and wetlands.

Report-outs from each group are summarized below. A recording of the full meeting is available online.

Group 1
Group one presented the idea of a horse rental facility at the 'check-point charlie' pull off area before the roundabout, and a multi-purpose arena that could be used for different types of public events. This would incorporate solar panels to minimize the energy use of the facility and block the sun for ice skating. They supported the idea of a xeriscape botanical garden, and felt that Base Village was a more appropriate location for the Woodward training facility.

Group 2
This group suggested that any new facility--preferably a multi-purpose and nature-oriented education facility such as a library--should be tied into the existing Recreation Center. They also felt the site should embrace a fire station with training facilities, or a discovery center. Overall, the advised the town to develop two schemes: one with a rodeo facility, and one without for comparison.

Group 3
This group admittedly got hung up on the rodeo and tried to make it work as a multi-use facility. They preferred a scheme that was more “campus-like”, and suggested that a fire station may be appropriate at the checkpoint charlie area (though it may not be large enough to also accommodate training). They also felt that a library facility would be a complimentary use for families and children. It was recommended that bike lanes needed to be provided around the roundabout.

Group 4
Group 4 felt a training facility, rodeo and multi-purpose facility for both winter and summer activities could be accommodated, and emphasized that any permanent structure should be both welcoming and flexible. They discussed the opportunities associated with the wetlands, suggesting that a bridge could lead to better use the parking and other facilities. Overall, they envisioned this development as a family-friendly facility where the uses got more intense and combined the closer you got to the Recreation Center, and echoed the support of a xeriscape garden.

Want to weigh in?

Attend the next Snowmass Entryway public meeting set for Thursday, November 20th 4-6 p.m. at Town Hall. Or, weigh in using our online discussion forum.


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